Todd Bauer Fitness & Nutrition Branding @ “THE FARMETTE AT 4424”

Funnel Design, Brand Coaching, Advertisement Design for celebrity trainer and fitness guru, Todd Bauer.

October 2017
Todd Bauer Fitness & Nutrition

Company Overview:

                  Todd Bauer is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, operating primarily from his custom designed in-home gym, also known as “The Farmette at 4424.”

The Farmette represents the Bauer family’s innovative combination of an organic backyard farm, coupled with a state-of-the-art fitness facility in the bottom floor of their home, to fuel their passion for a health-based and outdoor lifestyle. Services include private training sessions, group boot camp sessions, and nutrition consulting.



                  Todd’s diverse portfolio of training a wide range of clients from stay-at-home-moms to A-list celebrities speaks for itself; however, neither Todd nor The Farmette at 4424 had any infrastructure in place to market online, aside from a few under-optimized social media pages. The business model was based primarily on word-of-mouth, resulting in difficulty generating new leads and developing his personal brand.


·       “Digital Plumbing” audit to establish credibility and build social proof across all relevant online platforms – including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

·       Establish the business’ Value Ladder – an incrementally progressive series of products/services, escalating from no cost all the way to high-ticket offers, designed to be plugged into a digital sales funnel

·       Build an automated, end-to-end digital sales funnel to walk cold traffic up the Value Ladder (click by click) by engaging viewers with free content, resulting in their conversion into paying and repeat customers

·       Create content intended for paid advertising campaigns, as well as individual product promotion

Meaningful Quote:

                  “The best part of this whole process of shifting TB Training into the online space was seeing how much the team at Funnel Vizion truly cared about my family and our vision for the business. They’re results-driven, no doubt – but the personal relationship always came first. Quality results from quality care.” - Todd Bauer

Final Result:

                  {Featured Below}



Funnel Design (1) – Landing/Lead Capture Page


Funnel Design (2) – Tripwire/Upsell Page

Funnel Design (3) – Value Stack & Order Form Page

Funnel Design (4) – Order Confirmation/Thank You Page

Brand Coaching – Google My Business (Before)


Brand Coaching – Google My Business (After)



Brand Coaching – Strategy Mapping/Customer Journey


Brand Coaching – Lead Magnet Creation




Advertisement Design – Paid Advertising Campaign (1)


Advertisement Design – Paid Advertising Campaign (2)


Advertisement Design – Paid Advertising Campaign (3)

Advertisement Design – Product Promotion


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