5 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2018

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The New Year holiday is over, and marketers all over the world have been working on and executing their 2018 digital marketing strategy. Every digital marketer has their own personal plans on how to build their brand, grow their business and also be a leader in their various industries. It’s only right that everyone works on their objective as early as possible, but there are also some mistakes you need to avoid while planning and executing your strategy. These mistakes (if not avoided) will set your business back in hitting your revenue targets, resulting in wasted effort, time, and revenue. So, listed below are the top 5 mistakes to avoid this 2018.

1.    Not knowing your audience

The first mistake you need to avoid, is not knowing your audience. The first step to building your digital marketing strategy is by knowing your audience; because without knowing your audience and its needs, your strategy and goal might not work out. The new generation digital marketing is more than just about publishing content, tweets, and Facebook posts; getting your return on efforts (ROI) is very important. If you don’t understand what your audience need, you won’t achieve the right result. 

2.    Lack of focus

It’s not all about knowing your audience you need to have a clear focus. Invest in the areas you know what works first for quick, quality wins. Another thing that should be part of your digital strategy is long-term goals, but solid rewards along the way drives consistent and improved effort into reaching those longer goals.

3.    Not setting the right expectations

Expectations are very important while setting yourself up for success and knowing when you are hitting your target. Always set a realistic goal every time you launch a new campaign. Some of the key factors that can help you set a realistic goal are your audience and budget. Come up with numbers by reviewing your previous campaign results; another major key in factor in knowing when to expect results is to know or estimate the timeline from planning to execution.

4.    Not documenting your content marketing strategy.

Content marketing nowadays is one sure fire way to reach your target; research shows that content marketing employs 77% of business-to-consumer organizations, 93% of business-to-business companies and 94 percent of small businesses. So before you create any stories or other materials around your business always document your content-marketing strategy, as it will make your content creation and distribution easier and effective.

5.    Focusing on particular channels and platforms.

Ask any successful business today; they will tell you leveraging every marketing channel are one of their secret sauces. You don’t have to stick to only one channel and strategies; people that took advantage of multiple channels will profit more than those sticking to a single channel. Connecting to the right audience requires you to adopt relevant emerging marketing channels.

The future of marketing is revolving, and on a long run, it will only benefit those who can give what the customers need. You have to get the customer experience right if you don’t want to set yourself for failure.

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