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Morgan Madden

It’s easy… if you know how to play the game.

Understanding and curating your audience and their awareness is a vital component of any business.

And yet, most business owners in the digital marketplace today have the whole blueprint backwards.

Too often in our marketing we attempt to put the cart before the horse, without realizing that increasing conversions will essentially come as a result of building genuine relationships with our buyers.


The proper combination of technology and overall awareness will allow you to measure growth, not only in your business itself, but in the actual results your clientele achieves.

Utilizing the crossover of hard skills and soft skills has proven to be extremely beneficial with regard to increasing lead generation and conversions, which (as long as your product/service truly provides value) means everybody wins.

Now, obviously we all love tracking our click data. It’s the lifeblood of our business.

Optimizing and iterating (Metrics > Analysis > Action) is the name of the game.

Cost per acquisition, click through rate, opt-in rate, impressions, the list goes on and on.

However, as crucial as the metrics are to a profitable business, you have to start at square one in order to generate any kind of relevant data.

You need to know your target market and the audience you’re marketing to like the back of your hand. What good is the most perfectly crafted ad campaign and sales funnel if it’s not reaching the correct people?

Notice, I said “correct people.” Not everyone is meant to do business with you, and that’s okay.

However, those who utilize your goods/services, should and will continue to do so, (over and over and over) until you give them a reason not to.

Buyers buy. This is a fact. If they don’t buy it from you, chances are they will buy it from somebody else. So let’s make sure to not leave any money on the table.



Your sales funnel will always progress from audience, to engagement, to conversion, as depicted in BlitzMetrics’ 9 Triangles of Business Framework. Without your audience, there are no conversions.

This is why targeting is so crucial. Because you need your audience to be 100% congruent with your offer.

Targeting takes three forms:

-       What (search keywords)

-       Where (print, TV, traditional)

-       Who (people-based targeting)

This is the basis of customer results and retention, and getting your customers results is what will move mountains for your brands/business as you turn your focus toward scaling up.

Ask yourself, “Who are your best customers and how can we get more of the same?”

To learn more about targeting, check out BlitzMetrics’ Business Strategy.

Although targeting is what will provide your brand with leads (and therefore life), we must still bring attention to what is arguably the most important piece of this entire puzzle…


“We can measure the value of a brand by the sum of positive and negative experiences across all users.” – The Funnel, The 9 Triangles of Business Framework via FunnelVizion

To help put all of this into perspective, think about something as simple as ordering a slice of pizza…

In one scenario, let’s say you go to Johnny’s Pizza and order a slice. You notice the staff is quite rude, the operation is sloppy, and your pizza comes out on a flimsy paper plate.

Now in the other scenario, let’s say you go to Jimmy’s Pizza and order the exact same slice of pizza. Except here, you notice the staff is extremely friendly, everything is clean and organized, and you get your slice of pizza in a sturdy, branded cardboard box.

Even if the pizza tasted exactly the same, which shop would you be more likely to return to next time you’re craving a slice?

Your brand’s value holds a direct correlation to the experience through which you offer your “slice of pizza.”

After all, what would any successful brand or business even be without the users who avidly and passionately support it?

If you ensure this positive experience for your users by implementing the techniques available at, your brand will maintain integrity as it rises to the top of your particular industry.



Increasing conversions is a direct result of optimizing your targeting as well as the overall user experience. Integrating strategies such as software implementation, Facebook Growth Hacking, and more will help you see bigger results despite possibly having limited resources.

If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.

Strive to:

-       See/Understand the bigger picture

-       Be incredibly through in your targeting

-       Provide an experience that makes your audience feel at home

Use these strategies to build genuine relationships with your audience, give them exactly what they want and what you promised them, and watch as the Law of Reciprocity serves you and your business well.

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