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 Wouldn’t it be nice to have invested in Google, Apple, or Nike before they became the marketplace powerhouses they’ve grown into today?

You can.

This is exactly what digital marketing can do for your business or personal brand.

Because, if it hasn’t become apparent already, the internet runs the world.

In James Canton’s book Future Smart: Managing The Game-Changing Trends That Will Transform Your World, he estimates that by the year 2030, 70% of the global economy will be comprised of digital entrepreneurs.

Will your business get a leg-up on the competition, or remain unadaptable in an ever-changing marketplace? The answer to this question will separate the

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In today’s age (the age of information), it would be quite opportunistic to consider monetizing the value you can organically provide any given audience via the platform of the internet.

Think about it…

…all commerce is driven by supply and demand. Meaning, anyone who knows less than you is a lead.

You have an obligation to serve the people in your particular marketplace. Don’t be selfish and hog everything you’ve learned and mastered for yourself ;)

But in order to do this successfully, we must ensure that it is marketed correctly. Your information, your personality, and all of your value needs to be placed where customers’ attention lies.

Not on a billboard, not on a TV commercial, not an ad in the newspaper, but online.

Did you know that, collectively in 2016, Americans alone are projected to spend a total of $327 billion in online shopping by the end of 2016?

So, yeah, it might be time to get in the game…But what if you don’t have a particular product that you can sell online? That’s perfectly fine, all you really need is a little creativity.


What are you passionate about?

Chances are, you’re probably good at whatever that thing is. And chances are, that there are tons of people out there that would love to learn everything you know about it.

The beauty of the internet, and digital marketing in particular, is its ability to appropriately magnify exposure. It can help kick start an up-and-coming brand, just as easily as it can help a skateboarder become famous, just as easily as it can give you somewhere

Regardless, the platform is there. All we need is something captivating to apply to this platform.

People are innately curious creatures, always growing and learning in different ways. Simply teach them how to do whatever it is you do by:

-       Creating content to position yourself as a value provider & expert in your industry

-       Framing your knowledge in a way that appeals to your target market

-       Placing it in the place where 90% of peoples’ attention is these days: the internet (particularly social media)

We take for granted what masterful tool the internet (when used properly) can be when utilized with such creativity and vision.


If you went to the grocery store to buy a watermelon, and you could purchase it in two different forms:

1.     As a whole watermelon

2.     Pre-cut, packaged watermelon slices

Which one are 9/10 people more likely to buy?

Most people would naturally be more inclined buy the pre-cut, packaged watermelon slices. Why?

Because people love refinement.

There are a lot of talented people and brilliant ideas out there that never get the attention they deserve, largely due to their lack of refinement.

Framing your value in a way that truly resonates with your target market is what will separate you from those who struggle in the abstract, online marketplace.

An idea, talent, or skill must continuously be undergoing refinement in order for it to become profitable. After all:

“Life is growth.” – Tony Robbins

With this in mind, understand that your mastery of your skill set and ideas will improve as you grow into your new role as a value provider.

The more we grow, the more we refine, and the refine, the more we grow. The cycle is self-perpetuating after we’ve formed the daily habit of bettering ourselves (both for ourselves and for our “followers,” who now expect a certain standard from your brand).

Take the information and skill sets you already possess and refine, curate, and direct them toward your target audience so that it provides a smooth and congruent, user-friendly experience.


Digital marketing will be the lifeblood of your business in the next 5 years, if it isn’t already. Recognize this trend and act on it accordingly or prepare to play catch-up in your business as everything gradually transitions into the online space.

It’s good practice to study the trends of where the collective attention moves as time progresses. Such practice will give you valuable insight on how to predict trends in the marketplace, keeping you two steps ahead of your competition and shortening your learning curve as a business owner in its entirety.

Vision backed by observation and analyzation is a powerful concept. Utilize these attributes and habits by applying them to the most interconnected platform humanity has ever experienced to date, and you’ll undoubtedly see results in your business while having fun doing so.

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